Video Hosting One-time Price

video hosting one time payment

You and your business can become more real via the use of video, which can better connect to your consumers and increase customer trust. When developing your own marketing strategy, the first step you’ll really want to consider is whether or not you should use an expensive service.

Besides saving you money, a one-time cost video hosting service can provide next-gen technologies, lots of premium elements, loom-like video & screen recording, AI text to voice conversion, thumbnail, and image customizing as well as many other features you will need.

Let’s be honest about this. Because they just provide the bare minimum, the prices charged by well-known enterprises are too costly. In today’s competitive environment, you require more than a simple host in order to be successful.

This page will show you the greatest lifetime deal available, however, act quickly to save your seat before it is switched to a monthly plan.


lifetime deal

No Monthly Fees

Speed Control ✓ 

Live Streaming

Playback Resume

Analytics & Tracking

Interactive Call To Action

200GB up to 20,000 videos

SEO Friendly Embed Codes

Integrate your Autoresponder

1-Click Fast and Easy Integrations



 Best video cloud platform with a single payment 

The major opportunity and this is what most people are referring to as “The Revolution of Video Marketing has arrived”, and the reasons for this are self-evident.

It gives companies and marketers the ability to develop, interact, promote, advertise, and sell, using videos for the rest of their lives without ever having to worry about paying monthly subscription costs.

And it offers far more than lifetime video hosting privileges; it also includes the most effective marketing options available, allowing you to interact with your community and attract consumers far more quickly than ever.


video traffic

 Are you tired of losing 30% of your traffic? 

Did you also notice that related videos are driving 30% of your visitors back to Y&? Once the user pauses while viewing a video embedded on your page, Y& shows various channels that will drive them back to their platform, affecting your overall revenue.

Close to 40% of your clients are being snatched up by ads that appear on your videos. Before your videos begin to play, Y& shows advertisements for your rivals in the market. It is possible to lose hundreds of dollars in revenue in a week, even if you are selling an inexpensive product.

Entrepreneurs that use free video hosting sites end up spending more money than they would have if they had hired a professional video marketing company. While it appears to be free, you are actually paying for it.

When you submit a video to a portal like Y&, you’re effectively handing over a free ad space to the platform since it makes money from advertising.


audience ads

 Your Audience is Being Taken Away by Ads 

When you use a free platform, you are compelled to use the monetization strategy that the system makes available to you. If such a model does not work for your company’s operations, you will either have to adjust it or risk losing out on the money you were expecting.

Making use of a one-time price video hosting platform allows you to select the approach that will perform best for you, allowing you to transform your videos into money with greater ease than ever before.

The usage of a free platform provided by someone else implies that you are obligated to incorporate their identity, so promoting their platform even while you are attempting to market your goods or service through your video posted.


next-gen video hosting

 Why continue to use outdated formats? 

Not only is it impossible to modify the player, brand it, or collect leads with Y& videos, they place adverts on your recordings and take your audience. Y& is free, but it ultimately costs your business far more than hiring a company to host your videos on a professional basis.

Since bandwidth is now cheaper and video service is more reliable than ever before thanks to technological innovations, like adaptive cloud encoding, co-location streaming data centers, and CDNs, there’s no reason to stick with outdated formats.

After learning how difficult this can be for new companies, marketers, and startups as well as locally-owned agencies, a game-changer solution was created to address each of these issues.

deal video hosting

 Join the Revolution in Video Management with Lifetime Hosting 

You’ll get a ton of storage space and the ability to store thousands of videos. With amazing ease, you may customize and publish recordings. Videos may be imported in a single click using Google Drive, Dropbox, and others, or you can upload your own. It also has complete support for AWS S3 and Cloud Videos.

All of your video hosting and administration requirements may be met in a single location. Upload, host, manage, Live stream, and publish recordings from anywhere with a single click!

Boost your return on investment by utilizing excellent video embedding technologies. Publish your productions on any website, email, or social media channel by utilizing the sophisticated inline and Pop-over embed codes available.



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business plan

 Any marketing strategy must include video 

As reported in a recent survey, more than 85 percent of businesses nowadays use video as a promotional tool, and 90 percent of marketers believe video is critical to the overall business plan.

 The majority of consumers (66 percent) prefer to watch a product video instead of reading about it.

Incorporating a video into a landing page, according to 80 percent of marketers, enhances the conversion rate.

In order to keep up with the increasing demand for video content, more company owners are being compelled to look for an affordable video hosting solution that is dependable, secure, and allows them to host and stream online without the worry of losing their productions.


new video hosting

 Pay just once – All devices – Mobile friendly 

Let’s be honest. HD videos are OK, but 4K videos are fantastic; they are sharp and the clients adore them. All video resolutions, including 4K, HD, and SD, are supported.

Video players are based on HTML5 and are lightweight, allowing them to work seamlessly on any display or device, such as smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

This implies that you can embed your recordings in any place you can imagine, including blogs, sites, online marketplaces, landing pages, mobile applications, software/web applications, and members-only sections.

Get your early bird discount now, because this once-in-a-lifetime deal won’t last long.

In the technological society, when people’s attention spans are so short everybody is in a rush, delivery speed is critical, and every second matters. It has been shown that every one-second delay results in a seven percent decrease in conversions.

Stop for a minute to consider what this implies for your company, and how much revenue you’ve lost as a result of this situation. Consequently, if you’re seeking a way to communicate with your target audience more quickly, this is your greatest option.


level high quality video host

 Lifetime Video Hosting 

Add a total of 20,000 videos. Create, edit, and publish with remarkable simplicity, up to a maximum storage capacity of 200 GB. Due to shortcuts and video hotkeys, this cloud management system is incredibly user-friendly. Grab Deal ⋙


host benefits

 Unlimited Bandwidth 

With limitless bandwidth, the cloud solution can manage an infinite volume of traffic directed at your recordings, which is great news for you.


host benefits

 Change Anything 

Add your company’s colors, logo, and other components to your productions to give them a unique feeling. Adjust and move the elements according to your preferences.


host benefits

 SEO Friendly Embed Codes 

Enhance your search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your videos to boost your exposure. Optimize your videos for higher SEO ranks by using video schema markup.


host benefits

 Analytics & Tracking 

You may use simple analysis to track the success of your videos, which will help you understand the efficacy of your promotions.


host benefits

 Live Streaming 

With convenience and flexibility, you may live stream your previously recorded video in real-time.


host benefits

 Lead Capturing 

You can effortlessly integrate your favorite autoresponder, collect leads, and grow your email list with this video management solution.


host benefits

 Customize Your Videos 

Change the video player’s appearance (skin), play bar (with volume and speed controls), resolution, rewinding playback, video mode, add subtitles, and so much more.


host benefits

 Eye-catching Thumbnails 

Attract viewers’ attention to your videos by using eye-catching thumbnails. Every time you post a new video, the platform creates various pictures and video thumbnails for you to choose from. Additionally, you may post picture thumbnails with your own unique style. Increase the number of hits to your videos by including an attention-grabbing text overlay on your thumbnails.


host benefits

 Video Privacy 

You will have complete control over your recordings. You could even password-protect them so that only people with whom you have shared passwords will be able to access them. Share your video with anybody, anywhere, at any time, using the private link sharing feature. You may also set domain limitations for your embedded recordings.



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increasing fast hosting

 Fast and buffer-free cloud hosting 

Your viewers can not wait for you to get everything perfect since time is precious to waste time on loading. Pre-load technology guarantees that your productions are prepared to play even before your viewers press the start button, which is critical since every second counts.

Because there are data centers all around the world, your recordings are kept in a location that is convenient for your viewers. Your videos will be sent at lightning speed via the world’s most dependable, quick, and secure video hosting platform, which requires no monthly payments.

When you submit your media, the solution automatically produces several resolutions of the video and chunks each resolution into numerous pieces, allowing us to provide dynamic streaming to your users.

All of your audience will have a flawless viewing experience on your videos since we will automatically identify their connection speeds and stream the resolution that is most appropriate for their connectivity.


next generation video hosting

 Must-have Next-gen video management 

This is the ideal option for both you and your company’s needs. It is a must-have tool for every company looking to expand its internet presence.

Currently, video is the most effective marketing tool for obtaining new clients, and we can assist you in leveraging videos without breaking the budget or losing half of your traffic to advertisements from your competitors.

As a result, go ahead and register right away. Even if you are not already marketing with videos and do not intend to begin utilizing videos in your business in the foreseeable future, it is advisable to invest in this solution right away. Your account is valid indefinitely and will not expire.



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But, this single payment deal will end shortly, and if you do not join up immediately, you will be required to pay the whole monthly rate. However, if you enroll now you will not be charged the monthly fees.

You will receive complete lifetime membership for a one-time purchase and will not be charged any recurring fees if you sign up right away. It is by far the greatest video hosting and marketing platform for businesses.



 Privacy and Security 

With the enhanced security and privacy features associated with private video management services, you can safeguard your recordings from the moment they are uploaded to the moment they are watched, making sure that only those who must have access to your material can really watch it.

With functionalities including password-protected video hosting and domain limitations, you can manage who has access to your recordings and who does not. You also have the option to restrict downloads.

Protected uploading solutions safeguard your work while it is sent to the cloud, saving you from losing important information. All of this is available for a single purchase. There will be no recurring costs if you act quickly and secure your seat before it is converted to a monthly basis system.


mobile hosting

 Mobile Video Hosting 

Streaming video is expected to account for 80 percent of all web traffic, up from 15 percent in 2016. Individuals broadcasting video on mobile devices, either on the road as well as at home, may account for a major percentage of this.

Any video hosting network must feature an all-device video player in order to make sure that your recording is suitable for mobile. This sort of player is compatible with all browsers, and it plays the file types and sizes that are most appropriate to the devices and internet connection strengths of different types of users.

Whatever strategy you choose, the most main consideration is that your videos will be seen by the people who want to watch them, regardless of the device they are using. A research concluded that 83% of individuals prefer to watch videos rather than read or listen to instructive or educational content.


lifetime deal video hosting

 Your One-Time Payment Video Hosting Deal 

The vast majority of these well-known platforms are created for huge organizations. They were not designed for small to medium-sized businesses like yours, and as a result, they are not user-friendly for marketers.

Leveraging online recording material as part of your company strategy demands the use of more sophisticated and responsive solutions than are currently available on the market. How much does it cost? Only $$ ??,47 ➚

When you choose the correct one-time payment video hosting service, you will have access to all of the technologies you need to expand, secure, and monetize your content online.

However, you must act quickly and purchase your subscription pretty much immediately. Lifetime deals don’t last long!




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