How to Use Google Drive to Host Videos for Free

use google drive to host videos

Because videos use both bandwidth and storage space on your website, you may be considering utilizing a free third-party platform to store your video content instead.

People often upload productions to their Google Drive accounts since it is one of the available alternatives. It is without peer when it comes to ease of use and accessibility.

You most likely already have an account with Google Drive, perhaps a personal account or even a Gsuite account for your business. Because individual accounts are free and come with 15 GB of storage space, there is no reason not to upload productions to the platform and allow Google’s infrastructure to play videos for your WordPress site visitors.

It is essential to keep in mind that although uploading videos on Google Drive does not cost anything, you will not have access to some important capabilities. You won’t be able to include custom thumbnails, you won’t receive data on how many times your content was seen, and you could have problems with the file’s size.


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 How to Embed Google Drive Video Into WordPress 

Watch the video guide that is provided below to learn how to add Google Drive videos to WordPress posts and pages. It’s quite simple; all you have to do is submit your recording, choose the option that allows everyone to view it, copy the embed code, and then post it to your website. Plus, you will find a terrific solution for hosting your video for a one-time payment immediately below the video if you search for an affordable alternative in video hosting.



Although using Google Drive to store videos for free is incredibly convenient, users should be aware that this practice comes with a number of restrictions and that Google’s policy might change at any moment.

Therefore, we offer you a solution that is both superior and more cost-effective. You will discover farther down this page an excellent video hosting service that just requires a one-time payment. Don’t pass on the opportunity of a lifetime! How much? Just a single fee of $$ ??,47 ➚



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