16 Unusual yet Potentially Lucrative Ideas for Online Courses

unusual ideas for online courses

The online learning industry is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money, and I can see you are interested in this possibility, right? Ok, the thing is more people than ever before are taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience that online courses offer. That means that you can definitely be successful teaching online, and this can bring more free time, quality, and cash to your life.

A working professional looking to upskill? A student seeking to supplement their traditional education? A new career? The market is always hot, and you have many options to create a project, but, in this content, we are going to talk mainly about uncommon and profitable online course ideas. I have a great video to share with you below. Watch it till the end to absorb some great ideas to start your e-course.


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 Uncommon and Profitable e-course Ideas 


We all know that there are plenty of online courses available to learn popular topics like making money, business, health, and personal development. But I think you want to explore some uncommon categories too, right? Here are some suggestions for e-course that you can analyze and start a business:

1. How to code dreams- It can focus on using coding as a way to interpret dream symbols and build mental models for problem-solving in real life.

2. Course in astrology- It can cover the basics of astrology so your students can start using it as an alternate form of guidance and understanding themselves better.

3. Human lie detector- It teaches how to read people’s body language and voice inflection so your students can determine if they are telling the truth or lying.

4. World-class gambler- It can teach everything from the basics of betting to the psychology of gambling. Are you good at poker? This is a great online course idea.

5. World-class seducer- It can teach the basics of seduction so your students can start getting more dates.

6. Master money- It can teach everything from basic accounting and taxes to investing in the stock market.

7. World-class athlete- It can teach everything from the basics of fitness to advanced training techniques.

8. How to master time- It can teach how to accomplish anything in 7 days or less and live a more productive life.

9. Master body- It can teach everything from the basics of body language and first impressions to advanced fitness techniques.

10. World-class speaker- It can teach everything from the basics of public speaking to advanced communication techniques.

11. World class leader- It can teach everything from the basics of leadership to advanced leadership techniques.

12. Master the mind- It can teach everything from the basics of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to advanced cognitive techniques.

13. World-class learner- It can teach everything from the basics of learning to advanced learning techniques.

14. World-class decision maker- It can teach everything from the basics of decision-making to advanced techniques.

15. How to be a modern witch- If you explore the world of magick, this type, of course, can teach the history, rituals, practices, and ethics associated with being a modern witch or wizard.

16. How to meditate- Meditation is a handy skill in the modern world that has been proven to have a wide range of benefits. From relieving stress and anxiety to increasing concentration, this online course idea is great if you want to start quickly.


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 E-course ideas for Games, the Internet, and Graphics 

We both know the internet provides an incredibly vast range of learning opportunities, allowing students to take courses in virtually any topic imaginable. However, I think some of the most interesting and unique course offerings for the future are those related to games, the internet, and graphics.

One example might be a course on 3-D modeling and printing. This type, of course, would introduce students to the basics of creating three-dimensional objects with computer-aided design software and then printing them with a 3-D printer.

Another offbeat course idea could include instruction on creating interactive stories using coding languages such as HTML or JavaScript. The student would be taught how to create an interactive story using these languages, then he or she would learn how to publish this story online for others to read and interact with.

Are you into games? I think this is a great industry to work in as a tutor, especially if you really love the area. Different games and different gadgets are launched every day, so there is an increasing demand that you can turn into a profitable business.

Hope you have enjoyed this article about unusual and lucrative online course ideas. It can be challenging in the beginning, but you can definitely succeed if you learn the basics like marketing and branding. Last tip, you will need good video hosting for your e-course, so take a look at our one-time fee recommendation on the home page. See you!


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