Wistia CEO Offers Clever Video Marketing Strategies

wistia CEO video strategies

The Chief Executive Officer of the video hosting platform Wistia discusses his perspectives on the future of video, including which social networks will continue to drive development and what kinds of content businesses should lean towards for the foreseeable future.

Plus, find out the tricks he uses to quickly capture the interest of a viewer, as well as his preferred method for marketing videos and expanding one’s reach to new audiences.

The most crucial aspects of producing a successful marketing video include successfully advertising your video, grabbing the attention of viewers within the first few seconds of watching it, and ensuring that your productions are brief and to the point.


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 What is the ideal runtime for a marketing video? 

It’s always a good idea to keep things brief and simple, but this is particularly true if your brand is just getting started with video. The majority of video marketers believe that a good production should be between one and three minutes long for it to be effective.

Because users are bombarded with videos, it is really essential to provide content that is relevant and can be consumed in a matter of minutes. When trying to develop an initial engagement with an audience in which you may present your business or product, shorter content is fantastic to use.

For example, before the debut of a product, creating a short film that demonstrates one of the product’s features may help increase awareness and expectations.

We are aware that a significant amount of time, energy, and money is required for the production of videos. What is the answer? Videos that are shorter take up less time, are more adaptable to a wider variety of platforms and are often less expensive to make.


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 Should you produce videos internally or via an agency?

When it comes to producing video content on a weekly or monthly basis, the majority of businesses rely on their own in-house video professionals. Other businesses use a variety of employees, supplementing their in-house staff with assistance from independent contractors and outside video production services.

If you want to generate a variety of video material that is aimed at the general public, it is in your best interest to work with a company that specializes in marketing videos. The agency will be better able to build a video strategy to match your objectives if you first zero in on a sector of your company’s operations where video has the potential to have a significant impact.

In the years to come, businesses are likely to devote a greater portion of their resources to the production of internal content. However, the vast majority of these recordings will be produced by individuals whose primary occupation is not video production.


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 Great Stuff filled with High-quality Video Marketing Guidance 

It is essential for companies to develop strategies that can not only inform customers but also keep them entertained. It is up to you to maintain consumers coming back to your business in light of the fact that there are so many other companies fighting for viewers’ attention.

When you have the correct video strategy, you will be able to build strong, long-lasting connections with the people who watch your videos. The CEO of Wistia has some excellent video marketing advice for your brand. So, pay attention to the information presented below and put it to good use right now!



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