5 Best Video Hosting Alternatives For WordPress Online Courses

best video hosting for wordpress online course

Hi there! On this page, we’re gonna go over some of the options for hosting your videos for your online course on WordPress. We’re gonna start at the top and work our way down as far as the cost and features of these various video platforms. Watch the full video and you will discover the pros and cons of these alternatives so that you could choose the one that works best for you and for your project.

An online course is a great way to learn new things and improve our skills, that is why the sector is improving all the time, opening opportunities to digital entrepreneurs like us. There are many benefits of taking an online course, including the flexibility to study at your own pace and the ability to choose from a wide range of courses, so you have a big market to explore.

Today is easy for anybody to become a teacher so long as they have access to a computer and the internet. You don’t need a fancy office or even a classroom to run your business. All that is required of you is expertise and the drive to teach it to others. Developing a digital product is an incredible personal victory if you have a passion for teaching.


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 Digital Course on WordPress: Is it Worth it? 

Not only is it a simple and efficient way to connect with people in different parts of the world, but it is also quite affordable. There is a wide variety of platforms available to you for the creation of your course, and the majority of them do not require any prior knowledge of programming or other technical abilities. You can even use WordPress to bring your course to life.

In addition, developing your own online course will be an excellent way to bring in some more cash. You can gradually regain the financial resources you put into developing your course if you want to make it available for a fee. You also have the potential to generate a significant amount of money from the course if it becomes really popular.


First, you need secure video hosting, which means that your videos will be embedded privately on your website and no one gonna be able to access them unless they pay for it. But, it’s hard to guarantee the content will be 100% blocked for download, cause today there are extensions e tricks for this purpose. They also can use a screen recorder, but the quality won’t be the same.

Second, you need fast video hosting, because if you have slow buffering videos, many of your students are going to ask for a refund, or give you bad ratings. You need lightning-quick bandwidth, which means the videos are gonna load really fast.

And, if you will use WordPress for your online course you will need a nice template. The theme needs to be fast, clean, and functional. Your students need to be able to find all the content in easy steps.


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 Video hosting for online Course on WordPress 

For example, Vimeo offers professional accounts that provide considerable security, allowing you to lock down the recordings so that they can only be viewed on your URL. If you sign up for one of these accounts, you could restrict who can embed the content. However, they do not provide video encryption, so it is simple for anybody to install a web browser extension that allows anyone to grab media that is playing on a webpage.

Please, watch the full video to discover some of the best video hosting platforms for online courses on WordPress. This way you will be able to pick the right alternative for your online classes. Also, look for a lifetime deal, you can find a great alternative to avoiding monthly payments.



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